LASO carries out public outreach and awareness activities, to inform the community on development, cultural and human rights issues, and stimulate their commitment. We do so through:

  • Exhibitions: LASO has a large collection of selected visual and audiovisual materials. We have made exhibitions on various topics, such as Pre-Columbian and indigenous art, Lain American political and cultural posters, and the practive of development work. Currently we are preparing two topics: “Latin America: Memory, present and future”, and “Healing plants and traditional knowledge in the rain forest”
  • Campaigns, debates, and conferences on Human Rights, political history, and the effectiveness of aid.
  • Publications on history and politics in Central and South America, strategies to eradicate poverty, and the struggle of indigenous peoples, among others.
  • Work visits and direct exchanges. We assist Latin American delegations to facilitate their contacts with institutions, media and the public audiences in Europe: social movements, researchers, outh movements, civil servants, entrepreneurs.
  • Documentation: LASO keeps an archive of historical documents, publications, periodicals and other sources, which are available for research.