Human Rights in Guatemala

During 2020, LASO coordinated a project together with the Institute of Comparative Studies in Penal Law Sciences of Guatemala (ICCPG) and the Free University of Amsterdam (VU), with financial support from NUFFIC, aiming to promote Human Rights, in particular women’s rights, in this Central American country.

This high-level academic programme had the participation of almost thirty professional staff of the ICCPG and of an European and Latin American teaching team. Due to COVID conditions, the course design was drastically adapted, and it was wholly conducted online, in a different format, with more than 20 interactive sessions, besides group work and individual research. The course was a definite success.

Guatemala, like all of Central America, is a complex and conflictive land, where human rights in general, and especially those of women, indigenous peoples, migrants, or LGTBI, are violated on a daily basis. This project prepared and updated the Institute personnel to analyze these situations and to offer paths for prevention.

The next challenge for the ICCPG is to extend this knowledge and practices to the country’s Departments and rural regions, where conditions are still more difficult than in Guatemala City. LASO will keep supporting the Institute in these new initiatives.